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Diffusers, Irish handmade


Our eco-friendly reed diffusers are a special addition to our home fragrance collection. They have been specifically designed to complement our existing luxurious candle collection.

The diffusers are made from carefully selected raw materials from sustainable suppliers. The base component used in the diffusers is vegan-friendly and is made from non-GMO plant oils. No antioxidants, preservatives, nanomaterials, or glycol ethers are used at any stage of its manufacture. It is non-toxic and has a low carbon footprint. This stylish product comes packed in a recyclable kraft box, with a diffuser care card that is also made from recyclable materials. In line with the rest of our products, our diffusers are plastic-free. In today's world, plastic packaging is the cheapest and seemingly viable form of product packing, but we have sought sustainable alternatives.

Sit these beautiful bottles on a shelf in your living space and enjoy the magic of each fragrance. These magnificent scents can fill the air in any room in your home. Handmade in the heart of North Cork.

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