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The story behind
the farrow collection

The Farrow Collection is born out of our wish to create a platform that brings forward quality crafted products to our customers; products that are made with passion and thoughtfulness. We have embarked on this project as we strongly believe in a labour of love, above anything else, so no matter the workload we do our best to enjoy the process and the experience. Farrow, a play with words between feathers and arrows, represents an approach to life in keeping things light-hearted whilst delivering accurately on our mission.



The Farrow Collection is a family business, run by a husband and wife team. Our principles of business are strongly influenced by our personal core values and we strive to keep enjoying the process, nurturing authenticity and selling home-made artifacts that we would be pleased to own ourselves - made with love.


A huge part of our motivation in running this venture is that we are totally involved in the creation of our products from conception to manufacturing to delivery. We are very conscious of the materials we use to make up our products. We also make sure our raw materials are sourced from well-established suppliers who are much attuned to working sustainably. This is a key component in our business' philosophy and we intend to develop this further by creating features in our products that allow our customers to re-purpose them.

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